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  Methodology HIPAA Compliance (Click to know more)  
The process would start first at downloading files from the external server to our in-house server. Upon downloading files into it, process follows with assignment of jobs to all MTs.
After completion of the jobs at the MT level, it is then forwarded to the QA level for quality check. Quality Analysts will be posting their jobs directly to Final Upload if error-free reports.
Quality Analysts can re-direct their jobs to Supervisor for any doubts and queries if any.
Supervisors will add value to the transcripts and send it to the Final Upload from where it is uploaded back to the External Server.
Feedback System
The first line arrows notify the transcription cycle as to how jobs get processed; also denoting any queries, comments, discrepancies to the senior levels accordingly.
QAs will communicate to MTs for their errors in the reports and give them proper feedback.
QAs will also educate MTs for their weaker sections of transcripts, and make them understand the importance of quality work.
Supervisors can give feedback directly to MTs with proper counseling on those grey areas where errors have occurred. Supervisors also educate both MTs and QAs not to repeat any errors and to curb any future discrepancies.
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